Anti-Hypertensive Database

Peptide - Inhibition Mechanism

Peptide Sequence
Inhibition Mechanism
Interactive view of Peptide-ACE docked complex in GLmol below
Peptide-Enzyme Interactions
The peptide is shown in magenta with its polar interactions with ACE-1. The residues taking part in the interaction are shown in yellow. Zinc is shown in orange. The distance cutoff is 4 Å. Note: Interactions are in the format: Model/Chain/Aminoacid/Aminoacid-ID/Element between Peptide (Chain B) and ACE (Chain A) along with the distance (Å).

Our Structural studies were performed by MAT. Docking studies have been performed by AutoDock Vina. Some of the details were collected through literature search. ADMET properties were calculated by FAF-Drugs.